Contact Information

Interested in more information on pricing breakdowns, party flow, visiting the property or finally discussing a future event, please contact Katie Klitzke. If you need to check for availability first, please visit our calendar page.


Site Tours

Site tours are available, however, we would prefer if visits occurred outside the construction company’s work schedule. With some pre-planning, we can arrange for site tours after 3:30 PM during the week. Best time to schedule a site tour is on Saturday or Sunday mornings.



608.408.9491 (Please leave a message and I will call you back within 48 hours.) Best to write an email and




Badger Farms – Our “Brother” Venue in Deerfield, WI

While we hope our venue works for your event, it always seems like competition for dates results in weekends booking up the quickest. Therefore, if we are unable to meet your needs, please consider our ‘brother’ wedding venue Badger Farms: