Catering at Vennebu Hill

Catering at Vennebu Hill

Highest Standard of Service

We are in the business of hospitality and service and want your event at Vennebu Hill to be the most memorable. With that said, Vennebu Hill wants to be remembered for great service and a wonderful catering experience. In order to maintain a high level of service at Vennebu Hill, we require that meal service in the dining area follow a set of specified policies that include limitations on food service style (i.e. buffet, family-style, or plated) based on your guest size. We want you to pick your preferred cuisine, however, we require licensed & professional catering companies to do that for you, thus we will provide you with a list of ‘trusted & approved’ caterers from which to choose. We ask that you work with your caterer to provide an appropriate number of servers hired based on guest size and meal service choice to assist with bussing tables and preparing dishware for cleaning. While your package includes place settings, we ask that caterers assist in bussing and cleaning all items used.


Meal Service

Vennebu Hill can comfortably seat 335 people in its dining area. While a standard rectangular 8 ft. table is usually 30″ wide and only seats 8, with 36″ wide tables we are able to seat 10. While it is a little tight on those tables, the added width helps a great deal. With all that said, there are guidelines to how meal service can be organized at maximum capacity.  In order to maintain a high level of service, Vennebu Hill limits the type of dining service based on guest size.

  • Guest sizes under 275: Family-style, plated, stations or buffet are all recommended. For guest sizes over 175, two 2-sided buffet tables are recommended.
  • Guest sizes 275-335: Family-style or plated are recommended. Two 2-sided buffet tables (at least three 8 ft long tables) are required, however, space is limited at the higher guest count.

Read a great article called “A Quick Guide to the Reception Meal: Pros & Cons of Each Style” outlining the different styles of meal service customary at receptions. It provides a snapshot description of different types of meal services and some of the logistical and financial pros and cons associated with each.


Licensed Caterers

Please contact us for our preferred caterers.


Table Layout Example

After you provide us with your design aesthetic and final guest count, we will supply you with a table layout to work off for developing your seating chart.

Table layout for 275 people for dining at Vennebu Hill in Wisconsin Dells.