A Gathering Place with Family History

A Gathering Place with Family History

History of the Myklebust Farm

The history of the Myklebust Farm is one of strong ties to the land, the trees, and the family. Long story short, Paal Myklebust arrived in America in the 1950s from Norway. Paal met Ragnhild Helland, a local of Wisconsin Dells, during a presentation she was giving on her recent trip to Norway. As a first generation Norwegian, Paal, who had immigrated to the U.S. longed for his homeland, so he relaxed and settled in as she spoke of his homeland until falling asleep. Apologetically, Paal approached Raghe and tried to drum up some light conversation about Norway. Somehow, his charm superseded his sleepy first impression. Thank goodness Paul approached her because the rest is history.


Restoring Myklebust Farm to Vennebu Hill

Together they built a dream homestead and raised a family on a large sect of land nestled to the west of the Wisconsin River. The hilltop farmland is located in the Village of Lake Delton, south of the bustling tourist town of Wisconsin Dells and about eight minutes north of quaint Baraboo, WI. Mia Myklebust, one of Paal & Raghe’s five children, would become the future owner of the farm. Mia grew up, alongside her four siblings, enjoying the unique traditions a farm lifestyle offers. The farm was a Black Angus cattle operation with cattle branding and birthing facilities, as well as a hay barn, and then later a crop farm.

Since her youth, Mia has always dreamt of restoring her family’s barn. The barn was the showstopper on the once active cattle ranch. Its Gothic style easily could be imagined as a joyful place that offered hints of the way of life they experienced during their youth. In 2014, a seed of an idea was born. Mia thought “What if we created a place where people could gather together and celebrate life’s cherished moments?” The property’s Gothic barn had a beauty to it that Mia envisioned would be lovely for a couple to wed and celebrate in. So the idea was cultivated. Myklebust Farm would become home to a wedding and event venue – now called Vennebu Hill.


Unique Name “Vennebu” and It’s Meaning

Vennebu Hill was named early on during the initial concept phase. The Gothic barn that resided on the top of the great hill at Myklebust Farms in Wisconsin Dells had a magic to it that was not only inviting but peaceful and picturesque. Mia Myklebust (Vennebu Hill co-owner and executor of Myklebust Farms) suggested the name after a friend made her family a sign that read “Vennebu.” Partners Katie Klitzke and Dave Muehl both liked the sound of the word, but what was its meaning? The Norwegian term meant “a gathering place for friends and family.” How apropos to name this place ‘Vennebu’ with its beautiful views of the Baraboo bluffs, interesting and unique Gothic style barn, and rich Norwegian culture and family history.