Benefits of Having Events at Unique Venues

Benefits of Having Events at Unique Venues

Unique Meeting Spaces & Venues Offer Memorable & Beneficial Experiences

Did you know there are benefits to holding your next meeting or event at a unique place? Wisconsin Dells is certainly a place that knows how to host meetings and conferences considering it is a hot spot for these types of large-scale events. There are so many places to choose from when planning for meeting or conference event. Finding the right venue is often times either restricted by group size, availability, or amenities. Sometimes, it is best to host a meeting or conference at a unique venue, as there are benefits of having events at unique venues – especially in Wisconsin Dells – where there is so much to offer and so much going on!’s ‘5 Benefits of Holding Events at Unique Places’ summarizes some of the reasons why:

Memorable meetings: 

Attendees are more likely to remember a meeting if they are fascinated by where it was held. When you look back on your favorite memories, I’m sure you can recall the surroundings. The same applies to producing memorable meetings: The setting of your event is crucial in crafting a memorable experience.

Up your planning game: 

It’s not always easy to hold your event at an alternative venue. You need to think outside the box and may be challenged to pull it off. Do you accept the challenge? If so, going with a unique venue will not only please attendees, but also up your planning game. Such a venue will typically cost more than a traditional meeting space and there will be speed bumps in the road, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Refreshing change of pace: 

Planners need to go off the beaten path and stray from the sameness of traditional events. Environment plays a key role in the experience your attendees will have. Switching up the type of venue will create a refreshing change of pace and even increase attendance.

Visually pleasing: 

Unique venues generally have outstanding architecture and stunning interior elements. Attendees need to be excited to know they will be surrounded by beautiful visual elements.


Cost will come into question and could possibly scare away prospective attendees. The value of what attendees can gain should outshine any budget concerns.

Vennebu Hill will have the space, the audio/visual, WI-FI, the parking, the access, as well as, breathtaking views for your next special events. Contact us for more information on booking your next wedding, reunion, meeting, or special event!

Vennebu Hill offers a unique venue for events and memorable experiences

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